November 29, 2011


So at the same time that screen-printing was becoming my favorite 2D art form, I was starting to learn 3D animation in Maya. I really enjoyed learning 3D because it felt like I was sticking my hand into the world of movies and games, it felt like anything was possible. Yet my professor really only focused on character modeling, and I wanted to learn character animation, so I just started teaching myself. Rotoscoping became one of the best ways for me to learn, I would film myself acting out shots, then study the movement, and then recreate the movement in Maya. 

I worked on a short film for my final year at JMU, which I focused mainly on character animation, but I also tested out particles systems, shatter effects, glow and lightning effects, motion trails, camera movement and layout. So here it is, my first film: The Cloud and the Cupcake.

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