August 27, 2011


I grew up with a vegetable gardening, birdwatching, carpenter for a father. 
A stained glass making, graphic designing, landscape painting mother. 
And a brother who loves to go fishing, hunting, mountain bike riding all day long.

They were doing their things, while I was inside reading 
Calvin and Hobbes, studying Bill Watterson's drawings, 
his humor, his imagination, and his artistic eye. 

Watterson's work helped me learn that I had an artistic eye as well.
It came through when I studied drawing and photography
in high school. As well as cooking in Italian restaurants.

I didn't know it yet but these arts were slowly leading me towards
becoming an animator, learning about visual weight, 
contrast and timing, texture and presentation.

August 9, 2011


Hey, everybody! I'm starting an animation blog. I will be posting about all of my interests in art here, and how they evolved from drawing and photography, then onto screen printing and animation. I will be posting here as I work towards finishing my collaborative thesis film, Just Looking.